Challenge Belt were one on one matches between the best of the best the most destructive robots around. This event only lasted two episodes due to the battles being too quick and there was no real winner due to the robots all losing their second rounds, with the exception being The PM's Pulverisor.

Robots Competing Edit


Challenger 1Edit

PM Pulversor

The two robots are locked in stalemate

The two robots slam into each other and start pushing each other with equal force. Soon one of PM Pulverisor’s blades came off followed by two wheels from Heavy Steel Terror 3. Smoke begins to pour out from the PM’s Pulverisor and off comes another blade. Despite this, The PM’s Pulverisor manages to slam Heavy Steel Terror into the CPZ and rams into it constantly. The Observabot is briefly attacked by The PM’s Pulverisor and luckily survives, while Heavy Steel Terror 3 spins around in circles with little movement. The PM Pulverisor tears off bits and pieces from Heavy Steel Terror 3 before finally knocking it out.

Challenger 2Edit

Red vs pm pulverisor

Red is mauled

Things went poorly for Red as The PM's Pulverisor instantly got the robot it its grips and being sent flying due to the brute force from the blades. The PM's Pulverisor chases after Red who gets away and is flipped by the floor flipper but this only helped it catch up to Red. Red is ten torn apart and knocked immobilized.

Challenger 3Edit

Blood shed vs pm pulverisor

Blood Shed gets underneath The PM's Pulverisor

Blood Shed smashed into The PM’s Pulverisor and managed to get in underneath the titan machine. Blood Shed removes PM’s Pulverisor from its top and begins to attack once more this time taking off one of the flywheels which goes flying out of the arena. Blood Shed shoves PM’s Pulverisor around the arena and rams it in submission, knocking the champions out.

Challenger 4Edit

Signal jammer vs blood shed

Blood Shed slams into Signal Jammer only to flip backwards onto its back. Signal Jammer takes the offensive and tears bits off of Blood Shed while also slamming it to the arena side wall where it immobilised Blood Shed within seconds.

Challenger 5Edit

Delta thunder 1 hit ko

1 hit KO

Delta Thunder used a similar tactic to Blood Shed by simply ramming into Signal Jammer, however, unlike Blood Shed it was Signal Jammer that flew overhead and was instantly immobilised from the one hit. This is the quickest battle in Banter Wars history.

Challenger 6Edit

Hex2 vs delta thunder

Delta Thunder suffers

Delta Thunder’s tactic of ram and flip didn’t pay off this time against Hex 2 who instantly used its blades to smash and tear the flipper bot. Hex 2 throws Delta Thunder about the arena using the blades, ripping off a wheel in the process. Hex 2 leaves Delta Thunder stuck on the side wall where it was counted out.

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