"Forget the debates, the campaign ads and the petty back-and-forths. This is how we solve everything on Banter Wars! The Robot Wars and Battlebots inspired competition returns, here on Asterox Gaming. BW Obliteration will cover the biggest fights of our age. Elections, wars, celebrity spats... it's all covered here!"
— Main description

Banter Wars Obliteration is a spinoff show to the main Banter Wars series which is a range of different battles about the latest debate and clash. Unlike the main series it was featured on the channel Asterox Gaming. It first aired 7th November 2016.

Format Edit

The series consists of a range of battles that revolve around the latest debates, campaigns, celebrity spats and more.

Events Edit

US Election Edit

Main Article: Banter Wars Obliteration/ Election Special

  • Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump = Hillary Clinton won

Battle of the ReligionsEdit

Main Article: Banter Wars Obliteration/ Battle of the Religions

  • Jesus Christ vs Buddha vs Muhammad vs Vishnu = Muhammad won

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