Banter Wars Series 2.5 was the second series of Banter Wars special events. It was announced on the 16th October 2016 by A Heap Of Games on the Banter Wars wiki. There was a suggestion poll put up on the Banter Wars Wiki where users voted for what they wanted in. Days later A Heap of Games presented the final competitions which this message.

"Hi everyone! It's great to see so many suggestions here for Banter Wars 2.5. Before I give the list of competitions that will be present in 2.5, I just want to say thanks again for your continued support of the series as we approach the Series 2 Grand Final!
So, I went through all your suggestions and picked out the ones that I think would work best. There were ideas that were not included in the end simply due to impracticality for recording or gettin accurate results, which is a real shame We see some competitions returning, and some new ones to get our teeth into!
And for some of these competitions, I would like for you to give your suggestions as to which robots compete! I'll make that clear in the list.

Wiki Users were also allowed to choose what robots would fight in what competition.

"For the following competitions, I would like you to give suggestions for which robots to use from Series' 1, 1.5 & 2: All-stars, Team trash, weapons match, grudge, Wiki wars, Foreigners, king of the Hill & Sumo. Perhaps a new page can be created for suggestions.
(Foreigners will run differently than it did in 1.5. Now, it will be a 1v1 knockout contest with robots from a number of countries drawn randomly.)
So get cracking! As soon as I have a good number of suggestions, filming can commence! Any other issues, feel free to contact me.



Competitions Edit

Below is a list of all competitions to be in 2.5, and the initial proposed entry for each. These are not final, so you have a bit of time to make suggestions!


Main Article: Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Allstars
All-Stars *   (16 robots, 15 battles (2 per episode))

Competing Robots:Siren 3.0,The PM's Pulverizer, Crumpet King, YAOES, Kly Games, The Cakeinator,Stickman, Ste-Zus, Captain Flippington, An Ordinary Robot? Blimey!, Facetious Goose, Spyder, Banter Wolf, Girls Love Gaming, Dinner For One, Mobility Scooter

Team TrashEdit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Team Trash
Team Trash *   (8 teams, 7 battles)

Competing Robots Ste-Zus/Captain Flippington    AJ Patz/Toblerone    The Naked Rat/Porcupine    A Heap of Games/MyMateJim    Dinistrio 2/Detrimental    Ellie the Elephant/Heuchter Teuchter    Spyder/Siren 3.0    Dr. Pheasant/Surgeon Sparrow

Grudge MatchesEdit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Grudges
Girls Love Gaming vs. Kly Games    The Naked Rat vs. Ellie the Elephant    Leonardo vs. Bumbles    Facetious Goose vs. Boomslang

Weapons MatchEdit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Weapons Match

  • Flippers (QueenBlaze, Poshington's Prized Box, The Golden Dragon, Facetious Goose)
  • Axes (MyMateJim, Leonardo, Britain's Worst Gamer, Sentencer 2)
  • Spinners (Stickman, Detrimental, Snave 1, Four)
  • Unique (Angry Monkey, AJ Patz, Kevin, Gaming Kick)

Wiki Wars Edit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Wiki Wars

  • (16 robots, 15 battles (2 per episode))

The Naked Rat    Dr. Pheasant    Siren 3.0    Spyder    Detrimental    Hit & Run   Ellie the Elephant    Carnival Crusher    Power Pony    Four    Chasm    Dinistrio 2    Plantation 3    Spikey Monster Gale Force X AHOG


Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Foreigners

  • (16 robots, 15 battles (2 per episode))

Competing Robots: Spazmington (India)    PhantomPhoenix (Russia)    Toblerone (Switzerland)    YAOES (US)    Maria the German (Germany)    Heuchter Teuchter (Scotland)    A Heap of Games (A Heap of Land)    Tree Bryan (Canada)    Britain's Worst Gamer (England)    Dinistrio (Wales)    Milimate (Netherlands)    Eviscerator (Greece)    BarbieFaceKillah (Portugal)    Gaming Kick (Austria)    Australian Bruce's Brutalizer (Australia)    El Moustacheo (Mexico)

New BloodEdit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ New Blood
Competing Robots: 180 Overturn Tiger    Chasm    Chompy    Ellie the Elephant    The Naked Rat    Four    InvertaBull    Hit & Run    The Green Reaper    Disembowler    Detrimental    Spectrum    Lazy Laceration    Alfa Rapter    Gale Force X    The Red Baron

Champion vs. ChampionEdit

Siren vs. The PM's Pulverizer

David vs. GoliathEdit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ David vs. Goliath Prick    Dr Pheasant    OKMultiplay    Kevin

King of the HillEdit

Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ King of the Hill

  • (16 robots, 5 battles)

The Cakeinator    The Naked Rat    Hammerhead    The Lasermobile    The Follicle Challenger    Milimate    Karinabob    Hit & Run    Disembowler    Crab Meat    Abaddon    R-Type    The Green Reaper    Chompy    Blimey McTrousers    Twig


Main Article:Banter Wars Series 2.5/ Sumo

  •    (16 robots, 5 battles)

Kly Games    Mobility Scooter    Girls Love Gaming    Gamergician    The Follicle Challenger    Spyder    Ziggy Crust    Crocojaw    Carnival Crusher    Sir Loin of Oreo    Tree Bryan    Purple Penetrator    Ellie the Elephant    Maple King    Alfa Rapter    Hit & Run

(* knockout competition)

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