Allstars is a major competition involving the best of the best, the most famous and beloved creations battling it out in an allstar competition, to see who is the greatest Banter Wars competitor.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Round 1Edit

Dinner For One vs Banter WolfEdit

Banterwolf vs Dinner for one allstars

Banter Wolf disarms Dinner For One

The battle acted as a vengeance battle from the year before's Sumo Final. The two robots collided with both spinning up to speed. Banter Wolf's weaponry proved to be better as it took off all the blades that Dinner For One had. Banter Wolf causes heavy damage to Dinner For One, whose only attack was to ram. Banter Wolf damages Dinner For One and comes close to kicking it out. After little action the battle ends with Observabot flipping Banter Wolf on top of Dinner For One. Banter Wolf wins on a judges decision.
Winner: Banter Wolf

Mobility Scooter vs Girls Love GamingEdit

Mobility scooter vs girls love gaming

Girls Love Gaming starts strong but begins to smoke

Girls Love Gaming attacks the front of Mobility Scooter before turning attentions to the front wheels of Mobility Scooter. Girls Love Gaming manages to rip off one of the wheels but as a result got heavily damaged by the former Sumo champion. Girls Love Gaming moves to the back of Mobility Scooter shoving it before Mobility Scooter got its flywheel back into the action and started causing severe damage to Girls Love Gaming and soon knocked it out.
Winner: Mobility Scooter

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