David vs. Goliath is a competition where a smaller and weaker looking robot fights a larger and significantly more deadly robot.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Prick vs Dr.PheasantEdit

Prick vs dr pheasant

Prick is dismantled

The battle was over as soon as it began. Prick rammed Dr.Pheasant and tried thwacking it with its torque reaction weapon, but this proved to be foolish as Dr.Pheasant sliced the tail off before ramming it towards the arena side wall and ripping off a tire. Dr.Pheasant span round and ended up over balanced, but it ultimately didn't matter as Prick was practically immobile. The judge ruled in favor of Dr. Pheasant, however, Prime Minister Adam overturned the ruling in favor of Prick, apparently to spite Dr. Pheasant's builder.
Winner: Prick

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