Sumo was a series of competitions in which robots push one another off of an arena. The event is a continuation of the traditional Sumo events.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Qualifier 1Edit

2.5 sumo 1

KLY Games wins by doing nothing

In this battle, the series 1.5 Champion, KLY Games and Runners-Up Girls Love Gaming fight once more, with new comer Ellie the Elephant and popular veteran Gamergician, who was expected to win. The battle was over very quickly. Gamergican rammed Girls Love Gaming of of the ring immediately, before being tackled by Ellie the Elephant who also gets rammed off the edge. However after ramming both opponents in spectacular fashion, Gamergican got caught by the arena claws which threw it over board and out. KLY Games, who did nothing in the match, managed to go through.
Winner: KLY Games

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