Team Trash was a series of battles where two teams would team up in a head to head eliminator.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Dr Pheasant & Surgeon Sparrow vs Heuchter Teuchter & Ellie the ElephantEdit

Drpheasent sparrow vs ellie heutcher

Ellie the Elephant is knocked out with Team Doctor bullying the Scots

Both teams spit apart and took on individual opponents, in this case Dr Pheasant attacked Ellie the Elephant while its partner Sureon Sparrow rammed Heuchter Teuchter. Dr Pheasant's large flywheel got caught as it damaged Ellie the Elephant, things grew worse for the Scottish team as Surgeon Sparrow managed to take out some of the wheels of Heuchter Teuchter. Ellie the Elephant almost flips Dr Pheasant over as it tries to ram it but it was ineffective. Sureon Sparrow has difficulty trying to attack Heuchter Teuchter as it topples about and sometimes gets caught on top of Sureon Sparrow, however more wheels end up being taken off. Dr Pheasant eventually pins Ellie the Elephant to the arena side wall, and damages it severely. Ellie the Elephant escapes but this caused Dr Pheasants weapon to spin up to speed and eventually slam into Ellie the Elephant knocking it immobile. Heuchter Teuchter was now on its own and was sufferering huge damage to the vulnerable tire. Wheel after wheel came off and Surgeon Sparrow almost sent Heuchter Teuchter out of the arena by giving it a huge slam. Dr Pheasant frees itself from Ellie the Elephant's tusk and tries to assist its partner who has practically destroyed half of Heuchter Teuchter by this point, however by assisting the destruction of Heuchter Teuchter it ended up attacking its own partner. Eventually the battle ended with the victory going to Team Doctor.
Winner: Dr Pheasent & Surgeon Sparrow

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