Weapons Match were fights between four robots with similar weaponry, e.g. a melee with four robots armed with axes. There were three weapons matches and a final with all the heat winners battling it out to see who has the better weapon.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Flippers FightEdit

Banter Wars 2.5 flipper frenzy

QueenBlaze is chucked out of the arena by Golden Dragon and Poshington's Prized Box in the first Banter Wars OOTA ever

QueenBlaze begins by attacking Golden Dragon straight away, ramming it to the arena side wall with Poshington's Prized Box following suit. Both Poshington's Prized Box and Golden Dragon flip QueenBlaze at the same time, throwing QueenBlaze out of the arena, a first ever in Banter Wars. Facetious Goose finally emerges and tries to attack Poshington's Prized Box. But like QueenBlaze before it Golden Dragon flips Facetious Goose out of the arena. Both Poshington's Prized Box and Golden Dragon turned their attention to one another, with Golden Dragon being the more aggressive, flipping Poshington's Prized Box about but Poshington's Prized Box kept coming back. However near the end of the Flipper Frenzy, Poshington's Prized Box got the upper hand, flipping Golden Dragon and almost turning it onto its back. Poshington's Prized Box then continuously shoved Golden Dragon around the arena throughout the remainder of the match. In the last 5 seconds, the two came head to head together. Despite the late effort by Poshington's Prized Box, it was too late and Golden Dragon was awarded the win by the Judge.
Winner: Golden Dragon

Axes & HammersEdit

Winner: MyMateJim

Spinners BattleEdit

Winner: Stickman

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