Wiki Wars were fights involving members of the Banter Wars wiki. It was a head to head eliminator style of competition.

Competing Robots Edit

Battles Edit

Hit & Run vs Carnival CrusherEdit

Hit and Run vs carnival crusher

Carnival Crusher sends Hit & Run flying

Carnival Crusher quickly turned around and instantly began attacking Hit & Run with its twin hammers, sending it flying and hitting the arena wall. Hit & Run tried to cause damage by running over Carnival Crusher but things did not go as planned as Carnival Crusher got hold once more and even took off one of the wheels. Carnival Crusher had a shock (literally) when it got zapped by an electric beam from one of the many arena hazards but it then continued its assault on Hit & Run. Hit & Run loses another wheel rendering one side immobile while Carnival Crusher causes more damage eventually sending it flying again, this time causing the robot to catch fire. Eventually Hit & Run dies and Carnival Crusher has fun with Fat Knacker who ends up driving off the edge by accident.
Winner: Carnival Crusher

Detrimental vs Plantation 3Edit

Detrimental vs plantation 3

Detrimental loses a blade

Spinning up to speed both robots clash with sparks flying from each impact. Plantation 3 tears off one of Detrimentals blades but at the same time gets toppled over. Detrimental takes the opportunity to smack into Plantation 3 which helped right Plantation 3. Plantation 3 soon attacked Detrimental and causing serious damage by taking off some of the blades on Detrimental. Plantations slams Detrimental against the arena wall while slicing it to pieces, eventually knocking it out.
Winner: Plantation 3

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the first appearance of new house robot Fat Knacker.

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