• RobotDeathMinister

    NOTE: Copied off my message so that way more people see it.

    Would love for an Audited Series 2, this time with Bin Candidates, Awards, and 5 judges (odd because we don't want draws, also I'm not a particularly big fan of and some backup judges as well in case they're busy. When will Audited Series 2 come back and can anyone hosting Audited Series 2 (will not be me) add my rules to that?

    Main judges (in my opinion):



    RobotDeathMinister (Me)

    Diotoir the son of nemesis


    Backup judges (in case there will be a draw during a three-way melee or a normal judge is busy):





    (Sorry, not choosing Mystrsyko as I think he will be busy with his reviews)


    Any person that is …

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  • Diotoir the son of nemesis

    O'er on the Robot Wars Wiki we have had these things called "Ragnabots" in which every competitor fights to see who is the best competitor there is. So before Series 3 begins I will hold a Banter Wars Ragnabots on my channel, where we'll see who is the ultimate Banter Wars competitor. This will only feature robots who appeared in Series 1-2.5 so that means if a robot will be appearing in Banter Wars Series 3 it won't appear in the Ragnabot Banter Wars competition.

    After counting all the competitors I have found 171 competitors, meaning 22 will need to fight it out in qualifiers so that means 11 will fail to qualify and 11 will qualify, so after putting all 171 competitors on Random.Org the robots needing to qualify are as follows:

    • Win! Win! …
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  • Mystrsyko

    Hello all,

    As most of you know, the robot I entered into Banter Wars Series 2.5 and Series 3, Hit & Run, has been performing spectacularly poorly. It was never designed to win fights, in fact I entered it specifically to be entertaining and nothing else. However, I feel as though it has not lived up to the level of entertainment it should have provided during Series 2.5. As a result, I am withdrawing Hit & Run from Banter Wars Series 3 and retiring it from official Banter Wars competitons (it will always be available for side events). In its place I will be entering a robot named Hook Echo, which should not only be a more entertaining competitor, but should also be capable of winning some fights, and will feature a weapon type not yet seen …

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  • Botbuster


    February 17, 2017 by Botbuster

    Hi im Botbbuster and im always doing edits and new bit and bobs.

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  • Botomatic1000

    Hey guy's Boto here! I know quite a few people on this WIki who have a Discord account and decided to make a place for socialising with other members on here. Feel free to make any suggestions on groups and stuff on the Discord group itself!

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    NOTE: This blog will update.

    P.S. I was originally considering deleting this but f**k it, I'm gonna update it.

    Craaig: Will POSSIBLY enter

    090901: Will possibly enter with The Think Tank

    FOTEPX: Already entered with Nimbus Force X

    WenXiangLee: Already entered with Spikey Monster

    RedSawn: Will possibly enter 2.5 with Flying Squirrel

    Botomatic1000: Will possibly enter

    RobotDeathMinister (ME): Already entered with Detrimental (I'm known on GTM as FightingBotInformal)

    Jamied666: Already entered with Dinistrio

    Meganerdbomb - Will possibly enter with M.N.B. Hot Chick FS Special

    Badnik96 - Will possibly enter with Boomslang?

    • The question mark is because last series Adam made an edit on Boomslang without Badnik96's knowledge (reversed the direction of one of …
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  • Jamied666


    December 10, 2016 by Jamied666

    Hey remember me im Jamied666 that weird one :P Dinistrio is now Dinistrio 2 and you lucky folks get to see him

    say hi!

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    If Detrimental doesn't make the Heat Final next series I'll replace it with Detrimental's Revenge. If it does I'll increase its lifespan to Series 5. If it makes the Heat Final AGAIN I'll increase its lifespan to Series 6. Same applies to Detrimental's Revenge (EXACTLY Mermaid Mk4 except black) and Spawn of Detrimental's Revenge (mix between Detrimental and Detrimental's Revenge).

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  • Badwolf66

    As the title says, I say yes because more Banter wars History the better.

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  • Badwolf66

    Teams, Teams Everywhere!

    November 7, 2016 by Badwolf66

    So with the announcement of a new Banter Wars Team called "Ice Cold Robotics" [not sure who all the members are] Now it appears "Bots Templar" the winning team of Series 2 with 11 wins and 4 losses now has a rival, Nots Templar does have a flag but it needs updating since we have a 4th member now.

    Will their be any other rival teams? Time will tell!

    Bots Templar Current team members are Badwolf/66[Gamer], Doodle(The Champ), Botomatic1000 and MissVRandom.

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    After Series 4 of Banter Wars I will retire Detrimental and request another machine. That other machine will be called Detrimental's Revenge. It will compete in Series 4.5, Series 5, Series 5.5, and Series 6 of Banter Wars. It will be Mermaid MK4 except some minor improvements by Adam and will be colored black (Detrimental's signature color), I guess. When Detrimental's Revenge will retire after Series 6, I will request yet another machine for Series 6.5, Series 7, Series 7.5, and Series 8 of Banter Wars, it will be called Spawn of Detrimental's Revenge, it will basically be black (again) and will look like a combo between Detrimental and Detrimental's Revenge. After Series 8, I will retire from Banter Wars, and basically say "Good luck gu…

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  • Doodle2411

    Welp I'm sure most of you will know this by now but if not SPOILERS (obviously)...

    Siren is the series 2 champion and because of that I have now painted a huge target on my back (no puns intended since im an artist) so for Siren to stand up to the robots that I have seen so far, it needs to be upgraded. So the 3 main criterias being worked on are: the weapon, the speed and the armourment.

    When I was waiting for heat G to come out, I curiously simulated all of the possible matches I would potentially face, and the one that scared me the most were the pushers "Nimbus Force" and "Maria The German" the biggest reason was their advantage in speed and pushing power and 8/10 times they would destroy the weapon or pit Siren (so I'm quite lucky I fee…

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  • Jamied666

    How I made Dinistrio

    November 5, 2016 by Jamied666

    First off, Many thanks to F.B.I for letting me do this check out his one after or before you read this. Righty Ho time to get on with this =P. A couple of months ago, I decided to make a Robot for Banter Wars 3. So i downloaded RA2.1.4 and the first thing i said was "Well [sweary word] i dont know what to build. Or name my bot." A day later i made my first version of DINISTRIO. It was so crap im not going to talk about it LOL, well i'll talk about it a little. It was shaped like a drum bot but insted of having a drum it had two axes and 3 spikes, also it had a mini bot called Mini Dinistrio. You can see Dinistiro's (the first one) intro on the A heap of games facebook page. When i battled Dinistrio it won 2 out of 13 battles, so i had to …

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    The seedings for Series 3 IN MY HUMBLE OPINION:

    1. Siren

    2. Facetious Goose

    3. Girls Love Gaming

    4. Elfblade

    5. The Cakeinator

    6. Dr. Pheasant (Orange Avenger)

    7. Hammerhead (Gaminsoy)

    8. Ziggy Crust

    9. Boomslang

    10. Gamergician

    11. Maria the German

    12. Spike Sensation Mk911

    13. Purple Penetrator

    14. Scirex

    15. Angry Monkey

    16. MyMateJim

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    It was one day, and I saw Doodle's BattleBots vs. Robot Wars. Then I saw Doodle's full-body spinner Mermaid Mk 4 completely obliterate Badwolf's Spyder's Web off the face of the earth. Quite an achievement, since Spyder's Web had beaten none other than The PM's Pulverizer. Yes, I said it. The loser, Spyder's Web, BEAT THE PM'S PULVERIZER. I was so inspired by this that I wanted to make a full-body spinner. So I told Doodle about it. He made me one, and god I was so damn surprised (sorry for sweary words if anyone's offended). I have to give him credit, he's a good dude. Doodle tested Detrimental and sent the Detrimental .bot file to me. He said it beat most of his creations. Wow, just wow. The only downside (Adam take notes for Series 3, a…

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  • Botomatic1000

    This was a thing I've been thinking of and discussing with BadWolf a bit and I'll need an overall communtiy vote over whether or not we should put the Heat F rematches on a robots history, career records and Win?Loss ratio's?

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  • Badwolf66

    HI all last night I made a video where 8 YouTube users battle it out as worms via AI control I commentate the battles as best I can. The video is well liked and already has 6 likes so I thought to advertise it here for a possible series 1.

    If you do join all you have to do is sit back and relax just like Banter Wars :)

    Battles are in the style of Series 6 and 7 of Robot Wars 4>4>2>2>2   their will be 9 episode in total if we get 64 signups :)

    Their are 64 places avalible 6 of those places have already been taken so now thier are only 54 places.

    I asked Botomatic1000 the creator of this wikia if it was ok to advertise it here and he said yes, here is the video if any of you are interested

    The confirmed…

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  • Diotoir the son of nemesis

    This is a blog that will be constantly updating, here I'll document the machines that are set to appear in the Third series. Of course this maybe a little soon but it's best to see and document the applications knowing that some may F2Q and we wouldn't want them to be forgotten.

    I will spread them into two categories. Confirmed, i.e. they've sent a bot file and have an audition video up. And ones that have a proposed entry but maybe missing a few components.

    • yoshistarhunter - Chompy
    • Patrick Rowberry - Power Pony
    • WenXiangLee - Spikey Monster
    • SkyISkult - 180 Overturn Tiger
    • Jimjamatic - Disembowler
    • FOTEPX - Nimbus Force X
    • J-LGames - The Red Baron
    • Horse Techno - Crab Meat
    • BrokenBonez666 - Abaddon
    • BydoEmpire70 - R-Type
    • Connor Shine - The Shine Slasher
    • Doodl…

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  • WenXiangLee

    Like robot wars? Can we put house robot on banter wars?

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  • Botomatic1000

    I was thinking of a Banter wars themed voting tournament where you vote who wins should I make it?

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  • Badwolf66

    Robots ahoy!

    July 5, 2016 by Badwolf66

    Just a quick blog saying everything is going so well and I'd like to thank Ethan (Botomatic1000) for creating this Wikia, also like to thank Diotoir and the others for their hard work I hope Adam and Ethan appricate your efforts :) (I imagine they do of course!)

    So yes it makes Banter Wars feel like a real show with real contnuity, real people with real robots (sadly not controlled by us)  so that's it really can't wait for Series 2 :D

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