Fat Knacker
Participation Information
UK Series 3
Robot Statistics
Weapons Front Wedge and Rear Plough.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Fat Knacker is the second House Robot of Banter Wars, and was the second introduced to the series alongside the upgraded Observabot. Fat Knacker took its debut in Banter Wars Series 2.5, and is confirmed to return for Series 3. Armed with a wide scoop, Fat Knacker's real strength is its powerful drive, which lets it push competitors all over the arena.

Robot History Edit


The original Fat Knacker

Fat Knacker was first seen during A Heap of Games' "How to build a Robot" tutorial released during Series 2 as the robot Adam built during said video. This original version featured only a lifting scoop, and had substantially less drive power than the version which would become a house robot.

"And now, you can see the new house robot, haven't really introduced him yet, the newest house... the new house robot has killed itself! A great introduction for our new house robot, Fat Knacker..."
— Adam introduces Fat Knacker in Series 2.5

Fat Knacker first appeared in its role as house robot in Series 2.5 in the Wiki Wars battle between Carnival Crusher and Hit & Run. Fat Knacker didn't do much during this battle, leaving Adam to introduce it at the end of the battle, where Fat Knacker attempted to throw Carnival Crusher out of the arena but instead drove out itself, embarrassingly losing to a competitor in its debut.

Fat Knacker appeared quite a few more times during the side series as a house robot and was quite successful at pushing the victorious competitors into hazards and out of the arena with its heavily armoured front scoop.

The house robot then proceeded to return to Banter Wars in Series 3, appearing in the fight between Siren EVO, Techno-Disk and The Robot Wars Arena, along with the fight between, Abaddon, Foxy Fury and The Robot Wars Arena, where Fat Knacker attempted to run away from the victorious Foxy Fury, accidentally driving over the Floor Flipper, landing on its back, and ended up immobilized.