Banter Wars 2.527:02

Banter Wars 2.5.9 Series Grand Final Champions are Crowned! (Robot Arena 2 Gameplay)

Hammerhead was a robot created by Gaminsoy that participated in Banter Wars 2.5. It is also going to replace his first bot (Gaminsoy) which participated in Series 1.5 and 2 of banter wars. It did well in 2.5, controversially winning the King of the Hill championship over reigning King of the Hill champion The Cakeinator.

Design Edit

It had 3 spinning hammers as it's main weapon, 3 spikes, ram plates and protected wheels.

  • Series 2.5

In Series 2.5, Hammerhead participated in the king of the hill competition. It was drawn up against Green Reaper, Disembowler and The Follicle Challenger. At the start, all four bots charged up the hill. The Follicle Challenger then got destroyed by Hammerhead and Disembowler got flipped over and got stuck at the ramp, thus immobilizing Disembowler. Hammerhead then destroyed Green Reaper, allowing it to win the competition and advancing to the finals, where it won.

Series record Edit

Series 1.5: Entered with Gaminsoy, Sumo Qualifiers

Series 2: Entered with Gaminsoy, Grand Final Round 1

Series 2.5: King of the Hill, Champion

Series 3: Entered

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