Hillary Clinton
Hillary clinton
Participation Information
UK Series Obliteration
Team Wall Street
Team Members Hillary Clinton
Robot Statistics
Weapons Horizontal Flywheel

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Hillary Clinton is a rectangular shaped robot, meant to represent a dollar with her face on it, armed with a horizontal flywheel. Hillary Clinton only appeared in the election special of the Banter Wars spinoff Obliteration where, unlike the real election, she won.

Robot History Edit

Donald trump vs hillary clinton

Donald Trump dominates but loses in the end

From the very start Hillary Clinton manages to smack Donald Trump with the large flywheel but quickly Donald Trump get in with the flipper and starts flipping her about and towards a pulverisor. After a quick escape Hillary Clinton is attacked again and is flipped into a corner and then over the spike wall, however, Donald Trump suffers huge amounts of damage and is brought to the brink of defeat through the spikes in the ground. Donald Trump flips Hillary Clinton onto the spiked wall but is shortly immobilized. Observabot soon fights Hillary Clinton and survives.

Results Edit

Election Special vs. Donald Trump Won

Series Record Edit

  • Banter Wars Obliteration: Election Special

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