Participation Information
UK Series 3
Team B.O.C
Team Members TheRoboteer
Other Entries The Hanged Man (2.75)
Robot Statistics
Weapons Front-hinged Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Jericho is a robot that has entered into Banter Wars Series 3. It was built by Robot Arena 2 player and Gametechmods member TheRoboteer. Jericho is one of the first robots that TheRoboteer has made in stock Robot Arena 2, as he usually plays the DSL 2.2 mod.

Jericho is armed with a front-hinged flipper powered by 2 DDT burst motors and is driven by 2 High Power Z-Tek motors, which give it good speed.

Jericho has not currently fought any battles in Banter Wars, but has applied for entry into Series 3.

Jericho's Application Video can be seen here:[1]

TheRoboteer intends to withdraw Jericho from Banter Wars after Series 3 has been run, in order to replace it with a new machine which is as-yet unconstructed.

Trivia Edit

Jericho's design is based off a series of robots that TheRoboteer has made in the DSL 2.2 mod for Robot Arena 2. The robots all share a front-hinge flipper weapon system, blue and grey colour scheme, and angled wedge design. The latest in this series of robots can be seen pictured below.

Bocuma II External

Bocuma II, the latest in the series of robots that Jericho was based on.

Outside Banter Wars Edit

Video footage of Jericho being tested prior to Banter Wars Series 3 can be seen here: [2]

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