Lazy Laceration
Screenshot (288)
Participation Information
UK Series 2.5-3
Team Members Guldenflame
Robot Statistics
Weapons Clamping jaws and lifter

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Lazy Laceration is a clampbot that appeared in Series 2.5 and registered for Season 3 of Banter Wars, built by GameTechMods user Guldenflame. Its name comes from that fact that it was lazily put together, combined with the word "Laceration", which means a deep cut or tear.

Robot History Edit

Series 2.5Edit

Next, Lazy Laceration was entered into the New Blood competition, where it faced Four, Disembowler, and Gale Force X. Immediately, Lazy Laceration went after Four while Gale Force X went after Disembowler. Lazy Laceration got in on Four, preventing it from getting its spinner up to speed and getting a strong bite on the center of Four. However, Four was able to push back against Lazy Laceration, maneuvering it into the hazards. After being pushed into the zap walls and fire pit, Lazy Laceration moved in to get some hits on Gale Force X rather than continue with Four, but it brought its claw down directly onto one of Gale Force X's spikes, ripping the top jaw clean off. Four moves in, and with a better angle rips one of Lazy Laceration's wheels off. However, Four's spinning cage loses half of its spikes after coming in contact with the disc of Disembowler, while Gale Force X digs a spike into the left side of Disembowler, causing both of the robot's wheels on that side to become disconnected. One final hit from Four knocks Disembowler out completely, while the one-wheeled Lazy Laceration continues to flail ineffectually on the flame pit. Gale Force X uses the corpse of Disembowler as a shield to push Four into the flame pit, where it gets stuck alongside Lazy Laceration who is counted out, eliminating Lazy Laceration from the New Blood competition.

Results Edit


Series 2.5
New Blood, Qualifiers vs. Gale Force X, Four, and Disembowler Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series Record Edit

  • Series 1-2: Did not enter
  • Series 2.5: New Blood Qualifiers
  • Series 3: Entered

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