Mystic Sword
Participation Information
UK Series 2.0
Team Mystic Sword Gaming
Robot Statistics
Weapons Twin spikes

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Mystic Sword is a blue sword-shaped rambot. Although styled to look like a sword, the only section of the bot designed to deal damage was the tip, which is equipped with a pair of short spikes. The robot also boasted a pair of self-righting arms concealed within the shell of the machine in case the robot was flipped.

Robot History Edit

Series 2Edit

Mystic Sword made its debut in Heat G, where it was first matched against Series 1.5 competitor Maria the German. Maria the German immediately smashes into Mystic Sword and slams it into the corner of the arena. Observabot tries to help split the two robots but Maria the German is persistent in its attacks and slams Mystic Sword around the arena. Observabot manages to tackle Maria the German but ends up tipping it on its side. Maria the German frees itself and quickly pins Mystic Sword on its side and eventually on its back where it has difficulty self righting as Maria the German constantly rams it. Maria the German rams Mystic Force and almost throws itself out of the arena. Maria the German attempts to attack the Observabot but quickly assaults Mystic Force again. Observabot almost tips Maria the German out of the arena, again, and once again Maria the German attacks the Observabot. Maria the German turns attentions to Mystic Sword for one last time, slamming Mystic Sword to the arena side wall, toppling it over and destroying its self-righting arm, leaving Mystic Sword to be counted out, eliminating Mystic Sword from the tournament.

Trivia Edit

  • Mystic Sword was designed to resemble a Diamond Sword from the video game 'Minecraft', which was a common game streamed by Mystic Sword Gaming.

Results Edit

Series 2
Heat G, Round 1 vs. Maria the German Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record Edit

  • Series 1: Did not enter
  • Series 1.5: Did not enter
  • Series 2: Heat G, Round 1
  • Series 2.5: Did not enter

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