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Power Pony is a robot that has been entered for Banter Wars Series 2.5 and Series 3. It was made by YouTuber Patrick Rowberry. Replacing Red as his main robot.

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after getting a lot of power out of a tiny machine with red but get little success i decided to get even more power out of a bigger robot and she what sort of power levels i can get resulting in "Power Pony" designed to take on spinners and plated low to make it hard to flip this 6 wheeled beast in testing pushed a full sized Panzer MK 4 tank 100 feet in 100 seconds and is based on my own face i make when watching "My Little Pony" (shocked but enjoying it none the less) and has all the power of all the best ponies giving it the name "Power Pony"

Robot History Edit

Series 2.5 Edit

Power Pony has yet only been entered into 1 competition and that was the wiki wars and it also entered Series 3 .

In wiki wars it fought Chasm. It struggled to start with go over the wedge robot but wasn't flipped or pushed so it took advantage and rammed its opponent into the corner giving it a nasty shock despite letting Chasm get away some bad driving was witnessed as Chasm drove it self onto the claws and was taken out of the fight leaving power pony to fight the observer bot. "power pony started to ram the un-ready Observerbot into the wall and starts to pushing it around avoiding the powerfully flipper and keeps on house robot that keeps missing its flips it only gets under once but misses the timing and Power Pony flies over and takes advantage and pushes him some more and is able to take observer bot to the claws and out the arena and wins.

"Observerbot has never been embarrassed like this before, its losing to a box" -Prime Minister Adam

In its second wiki wars mach it fought Plantation 3, and right form the start power pony is able to jam the blade and still push it opponent around and takes plantation 3 to the fire after a while both robots revers causing plantation 3 to flip its self (due to the moment of its own weapon allowed power pony to just easy push it out the arena and get a easy win.)

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Patrick Rowberry (and his channel) Edit

Patrick Rowberry is a reviewer and comedian and model maker.

He is most well-known for his robot run-down series where he lists robots competing in tournaments, with a comedy twist.

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The list of shows he reviews are:  

Pats run down of the 2016 robot wars competitors

Pats run down of the 2016 robot wars competitors

tv shows days they get uploaded when there are episodes (uk) days they get uploaded when there arn't episodes (uk)
robot wars sundays Fridays
battlebots the day after fridays
my litte pony saterdays mondaysevery Friday he is doing the model making uk championship

other stuff i do: Edit

-every Friday he does the model making uk championship

Pats model making tournament series 1 heat 1 (pilot)

Pats model making tournament series 1 heat 1 (pilot)