Robo-Dodo is a Dodo themed robot built by Gamer perfection that entered Banter Wars Series 1.5 and 2. It's weapon is a axe that would strike at the rear and some small arm that would act as a srimech. Edit

Banter wars 1.5 Edit

In banter wars 1.5,robo-dodo entered the king of the hill touranment. It was paired up against milimate,mr.meerkat and kevin. At the start,all four bots raced up the hill and mr.meerkat immediately got flipped over by milimate's blade. It was then counted out and immobilised. Kevin then got stuck halfway up the hill and robo-dodo and milimate started pushing each other. Suddenly, robo-dodo flipped milimate over. It then gained points by standing at the top of the hill while waiting for kevin. Kevin then got flipped over at the top of the hill by robo-dodo. However,milimate had somehow self-righted. It then flipped robo-dodo over. Robo-dodo tried to use it's scri-mech but it failed. Robo-dodo got counted out,allowing milimate to win and robo-dodo got eliminated. However, robo-dodo also participated in a four-way battle in a bonus episope for banter wars 1.5. It was paired up against mr.meerkat,ducks ahoy and angry monkey. Immediately at the start, ducks ahoy flipped mr.meerkat over and angry monkey flipped robo-dodo over. Robo-dodo did not use its scri-mech and both mr.meerkat and robo-dodo got counted out. Ducks ahoy then got stuck on a ramp,allowing angry monkey to win.

Banter wars 2.0 Edit

Robo-dodo's first match was against girls love gaming. At the start,girls love gaming and robo-dodo collided,but girls love gaming broke it's legs, immobilising it. This meant that robo-dodo was eliminated from the touranment.

Series record Edit

Series 1.5:robo-dodo vs mr.meerkat vs kevin vs milimate (lost)

Robo-dodo vs mr.meerkat vs angry monkey vs ducks ahoy (lost)

Series 2: robo-dodo vs girls love gaming(lost)

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