Tarchia is a robot created by PrimevalBrony that has applied for Banter Wars: Series 3.

Design Edit

Tarchia is a heptagonal-shaped robot armed with a rear-hinged flipper powered by 3 separate Snapper burst motors which can operate independently if needed. Tarchia is two-wheel driven powered by two high power Z-Tek motors, giving the robot great speed and traction. Tarchia is able to self-right using a small axe and its srimech can be used as a weapon. Originally the srimech was not intended to be a weapon but instead just for self-righting, however tests of Tarchia in battle revealed that the spiked tip could be used to cause damage to robots. As such, PrimevalBrony changed the spike tip to cause more damage. Its design is slightly based off of the skull of the ankylosaur Tarchia.

Robot History Edit

Series 3 Edit

Tarchia has applied to enter Series 3.

Trivia Edit

  • Tarchia takes its name from a species of ankylosaur from the Late Cretaceous. PrimevalBrony chose this specific species as its name means "brainy one" and so relates to himself being the brainy side of the robot's brawn. He also admits that he should have given Tarchia a hammer club to fit the theme even better.
  • In a fight to test PrimevalBrony's commentary, Tarchia managed to throw both Chasm and The Follicle Challenger (referred to in the video as Waistel) out of the arena. [1]
  • PrimevalBrony has also built many other robots in the stock Robot Arena 2, including a walker known as Walkers Ready Salted, which he intends to enter into a walker contest should one go ahead.

References Edit


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