The Crew from left to right: Cap'n Crapbeard, Polly, First Mate Diggle

The Captain's Merry Crew are a team made up of Pirates (and a Parrot) led by Cap'n Crapbeard from Heap's Port in A Heap of Land.

Origins and members Edit

The origins of the Merry Crew are found in A Heap Of Games' Pixel Piracy series following the adventures of Cap'n Crapbeard and company. Despite the discontinuation of the Pixel Piracy series, Polly still makes many appearances including the Polly and the Crocodile in the Silly Hat skit series and a few others. Cap'n Crapbeard also was a main character in an episode of the Pineview Drive series.

Members include Cap'n Crapbeard, the leader of the bunch, Polly the beloved, but often not trusted Scarlet Macaw Parrot owned by the Captain, and First Mate Diggle the one with the hook and a silly bandana.

Robots Edit

  • Polly: A small 2 wheeled rammer with a sharpened beak and self-righting wings which were not shown in action.
  • First Mate Diggle: A small circular robot armed with a powerful claw.
  • The Cap'n's Merry Ship: A long and slow robot with 4 powerful axes that double up as a srimech.
  • The Plank: An invertible rammer armed with 2 static spikes, but made out of wood.

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