The PM's Son-in-Law is a robot replacing The PM's Pulverizer that entered Banter Wars 2.5 and first appearing in the 3rd friendly rumble where it won. It did well in Series 2.5 winning the all-stars and only losing the Champion vs Champion match against Siren. It's weapon are twin flywheels that can juggle its opponent and damage them. It also has 2 forks like it's predecessor but act as wedges and don't lift. It also has a srimech unlike The PM's Pulverizer.

Trivia Edit

  • The PM's Son-in-Law actually wasn't built by Adam, it was built by FOTEPX.

Outside Banter Wars Edit

The PM's Son-in-Law also competed in Diotior's Banter Wars Ragnabot, where it did well coming second to Delta Thunder.

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