Unique weapons are robots that have a weapon that does not fit in any category.

Name Image Weapons Info Pros Cons
AJ Patz
Lance The lance would lift up on activation, uses 2 pistons on a burst motor. Good pushing power. Unpredictable.
Angry Monkey
Angry monkey
Dragging Knuckles Two arms that flail around to cause damage. Very deadly. Makes it unstable.
Banter Wolf
Banter wolf
Two catapulting arms It would throw the robot on to its back. After Series 2, it was rebuilt into a full body spinner Great for sumos due to its ability to trick robots in falling off. Break off easily.
Circuit Slayer
Circuit Slayer
Full body clamp When activated, the robots body would lift up and the swords come down on its enemy. Very cool looks. Motors are easy to be damaged by spinners.
Full body crusher 3 arms would lift it in the air and on activation would come down and damage the opponent Good at damaging robots. Extremely unstable and unable to self-right.

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