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  • Badwolf66

    As the title says, I say yes because more Banter wars History the better.

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  • Badwolf66

    Teams, Teams Everywhere!

    November 7, 2016 by Badwolf66

    So with the announcement of a new Banter Wars Team called "Ice Cold Robotics" [not sure who all the members are] Now it appears "Bots Templar" the winning team of Series 2 with 11 wins and 4 losses now has a rival, Nots Templar does have a flag but it needs updating since we have a 4th member now.

    Will their be any other rival teams? Time will tell!

    Bots Templar Current team members are Badwolf/66[Gamer], Doodle(The Champ), Botomatic1000 and MissVRandom.

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  • Badwolf66

    HI all last night I made a video where 8 YouTube users battle it out as worms via AI control I commentate the battles as best I can. The video is well liked and already has 6 likes so I thought to advertise it here for a possible series 1.

    If you do join all you have to do is sit back and relax just like Banter Wars :)

    Battles are in the style of Series 6 and 7 of Robot Wars 4>4>2>2>2   their will be 9 episode in total if we get 64 signups :)

    Their are 64 places avalible 6 of those places have already been taken so now thier are only 54 places.

    I asked Botomatic1000 the creator of this wikia if it was ok to advertise it here and he said yes, here is the video if any of you are interested

    The confirmed…

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  • Badwolf66

    Robots ahoy!

    July 5, 2016 by Badwolf66

    Just a quick blog saying everything is going so well and I'd like to thank Ethan (Botomatic1000) for creating this Wikia, also like to thank Diotoir and the others for their hard work I hope Adam and Ethan appricate your efforts :) (I imagine they do of course!)

    So yes it makes Banter Wars feel like a real show with real contnuity, real people with real robots (sadly not controlled by us)  so that's it really can't wait for Series 2 :D

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