HI all last night I made a video where 8 YouTube users battle it out as worms via AI control I commentate the battles as best I can. The video is well liked and already has 6 likes so I thought to advertise it here for a possible series 1.

If you do join all you have to do is sit back and relax just like Banter Wars :)

Battles are in the style of Series 6 and 7 of Robot Wars 4>4>2>2>2   their will be 9 episode in total if we get 64 signups :)

Their are 64 places avalible 6 of those places have already been taken so now thier are only 54 places.

I asked Botomatic1000 the creator of this wikia if it was ok to advertise it here and he said yes, here is the video if any of you are interested

The confirmed list so far....

Peetfighter(4) - Confirmed

Doodle(6) - Confirmed

BotoMatic1000(3)- Confirmed 


Painless Viking - Confirmed

Full Moon Rider - Confirmed

Rachnikiller - Confirmed

AHeapOfGames(5) - Confirmed

Viper(8) - Confirmed

Mr Meerkat - Confirmed

The Mad Charles - Confirmed

Ace Worm - Confirmed

MissVRandom(2) - Confirmed

Bukke Bruse - Confirmed

Chocolate Thehead - Confirmed

Jamied666 - Confirmed

Unconfirmed list so far

The Marg0r(1) - Unconfirmed

DanielofDoria - Unconfirmed

AislainHatesEverything - Unconfirmed

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