• Diotoir the son of nemesis

    O'er on the Robot Wars Wiki we have had these things called "Ragnabots" in which every competitor fights to see who is the best competitor there is. So before Series 3 begins I will hold a Banter Wars Ragnabots on my channel, where we'll see who is the ultimate Banter Wars competitor. This will only feature robots who appeared in Series 1-2.5 so that means if a robot will be appearing in Banter Wars Series 3 it won't appear in the Ragnabot Banter Wars competition.

    After counting all the competitors I have found 171 competitors, meaning 22 will need to fight it out in qualifiers so that means 11 will fail to qualify and 11 will qualify, so after putting all 171 competitors on Random.Org the robots needing to qualify are as follows:

    • Win! Win! …
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  • Diotoir the son of nemesis

    This is a blog that will be constantly updating, here I'll document the machines that are set to appear in the Third series. Of course this maybe a little soon but it's best to see and document the applications knowing that some may F2Q and we wouldn't want them to be forgotten.

    I will spread them into two categories. Confirmed, i.e. they've sent a bot file and have an audition video up. And ones that have a proposed entry but maybe missing a few components.

    • yoshistarhunter - Chompy
    • Patrick Rowberry - Power Pony
    • WenXiangLee - Spikey Monster
    • SkyISkult - 180 Overturn Tiger
    • Jimjamatic - Disembowler
    • FOTEPX - Nimbus Force X
    • J-LGames - The Red Baron
    • Horse Techno - Crab Meat
    • BrokenBonez666 - Abaddon
    • BydoEmpire70 - R-Type
    • Connor Shine - The Shine Slasher
    • Doodl…

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