O'er on the Robot Wars Wiki we have had these things called "Ragnabots" in which every competitor fights to see who is the best competitor there is. So before Series 3 begins I will hold a Banter Wars Ragnabots on my channel, where we'll see who is the ultimate Banter Wars competitor. This will only feature robots who appeared in Series 1-2.5 so that means if a robot will be appearing in Banter Wars Series 3 it won't appear in the Ragnabot Banter Wars competition.

After counting all the competitors I have found 171 competitors, meaning 22 will need to fight it out in qualifiers so that means 11 will fail to qualify and 11 will qualify, so after putting all 171 competitors on Random.Org the robots needing to qualify are as follows:

  • Win! Win! WIN!
  • Jelson975
  • SoulDevil21
  • Porcupine
  • Kitty
  • Maple King
  • Robo-Dodo
  • The Viral King
  • Black Bull
  • Darth Ripper
  • Click Me!
  • Red
  • So Cold...
  • OK Multi-Bot
  • The Lasermobile
  • Nub4Nub.Bot 9000
  • Faithful Quadcycle
  • The Amalgamate
  • Mystic Sword
  • Dondonchai
  • Pissbrick

After the qualifiers the remaining 160 will fight it out in five Heats, all of which will have 32 competitors within and randomly assigned to fight one another. Each Heat will have a total of 4 winners who will progress to the next round.



Banter Wars Ragnabots Qualifiers23:23

Banter Wars Ragnabots Qualifiers

Heat A

Banter Wars Ragnabots Heat A34:19

Banter Wars Ragnabots Heat A

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