• Doodle2411

    Welp I'm sure most of you will know this by now but if not SPOILERS (obviously)...

    Siren is the series 2 champion and because of that I have now painted a huge target on my back (no puns intended since im an artist) so for Siren to stand up to the robots that I have seen so far, it needs to be upgraded. So the 3 main criterias being worked on are: the weapon, the speed and the armourment.

    When I was waiting for heat G to come out, I curiously simulated all of the possible matches I would potentially face, and the one that scared me the most were the pushers "Nimbus Force" and "Maria The German" the biggest reason was their advantage in speed and pushing power and 8/10 times they would destroy the weapon or pit Siren (so I'm quite lucky I feeā€¦

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