First off, Many thanks to F.B.I for letting me do this check out his one after or before you read this. Righty Ho time to get on with this =P. A couple of months ago, I decided to make a Robot for Banter Wars 3. So i downloaded RA2.1.4 and the first thing i said was "Well [sweary word] i dont know what to build. Or name my bot." A day later i made my first version of DINISTRIO. It was so crap im not going to talk about it LOL, well i'll talk about it a little. It was shaped like a drum bot but insted of having a drum it had two axes and 3 spikes, also it had a mini bot called Mini Dinistrio. You can see Dinistiro's (the first one) intro on the A heap of games facebook page. When i battled Dinistrio it won 2 out of 13 battles, so i had to build another one *insert another one meme here*. Dinistrio 2 used the stock bot Walrus body to make it fit 2 HP Z-Tek motors, 2 DDT burst motors one for the wedge one for the hammer, 3 Supervolt battries and 2 rubber wheels. I enlarged the Walrus body then started buliding, once I got to skining the bot. THE GAME F@#$%@G CRASHED!!!!! I was so p@#$ed off that i took to the banter wars wiki and said i cant do it, funily I manged to build it a second time and sent it to Adam. So there you go thats my story wait im finshed? F@#% YEAH BOY.

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