aka FightingBotInformal or Colby Gleason

  • I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is Some high school kid who spends time playing Robot Arena 2, editing on some wikis, and watching robot-related shows.
  • I am Male
  • RobotDeathMinister

    NOTE: Copied off my message so that way more people see it.

    Would love for an Audited Series 2, this time with Bin Candidates, Awards, and 5 judges (odd because we don't want draws, also I'm not a particularly big fan of and some backup judges as well in case they're busy. When will Audited Series 2 come back and can anyone hosting Audited Series 2 (will not be me) add my rules to that?

    Main judges (in my opinion):



    RobotDeathMinister (Me)

    Diotoir the son of nemesis


    Backup judges (in case there will be a draw during a three-way melee or a normal judge is busy):





    (Sorry, not choosing Mystrsyko as I think he will be busy with his reviews)


    Any person that is …

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    NOTE: This blog will update.

    P.S. I was originally considering deleting this but f**k it, I'm gonna update it.

    Craaig: Will POSSIBLY enter

    090901: Will possibly enter with The Think Tank

    FOTEPX: Already entered with Nimbus Force X

    WenXiangLee: Already entered with Spikey Monster

    RedSawn: Will possibly enter 2.5 with Flying Squirrel

    Botomatic1000: Will possibly enter

    RobotDeathMinister (ME): Already entered with Detrimental (I'm known on GTM as FightingBotInformal)

    Jamied666: Already entered with Dinistrio

    Meganerdbomb - Will possibly enter with M.N.B. Hot Chick FS Special

    Badnik96 - Will possibly enter with Boomslang?

    • The question mark is because last series Adam made an edit on Boomslang without Badnik96's knowledge (reversed the direction of one of …
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  • RobotDeathMinister

    If Detrimental doesn't make the Heat Final next series I'll replace it with Detrimental's Revenge. If it does I'll increase its lifespan to Series 5. If it makes the Heat Final AGAIN I'll increase its lifespan to Series 6. Same applies to Detrimental's Revenge (EXACTLY Mermaid Mk4 except black) and Spawn of Detrimental's Revenge (mix between Detrimental and Detrimental's Revenge).

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    After Series 4 of Banter Wars I will retire Detrimental and request another machine. That other machine will be called Detrimental's Revenge. It will compete in Series 4.5, Series 5, Series 5.5, and Series 6 of Banter Wars. It will be Mermaid MK4 except some minor improvements by Adam and will be colored black (Detrimental's signature color), I guess. When Detrimental's Revenge will retire after Series 6, I will request yet another machine for Series 6.5, Series 7, Series 7.5, and Series 8 of Banter Wars, it will be called Spawn of Detrimental's Revenge, it will basically be black (again) and will look like a combo between Detrimental and Detrimental's Revenge. After Series 8, I will retire from Banter Wars, and basically say "Good luck gu…

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  • RobotDeathMinister

    The seedings for Series 3 IN MY HUMBLE OPINION:

    1. Siren

    2. Facetious Goose

    3. Girls Love Gaming

    4. Elfblade

    5. The Cakeinator

    6. Dr. Pheasant (Orange Avenger)

    7. Hammerhead (Gaminsoy)

    8. Ziggy Crust

    9. Boomslang

    10. Gamergician

    11. Maria the German

    12. Spike Sensation Mk911

    13. Purple Penetrator

    14. Scirex

    15. Angry Monkey

    16. MyMateJim

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