NOTE: Copied off my message so that way more people see it.

Would love for an Audited Series 2, this time with Bin Candidates, Awards, and 5 judges (odd because we don't want draws, also I'm not a particularly big fan of and some backup judges as well in case they're busy. When will Audited Series 2 come back and can anyone hosting Audited Series 2 (will not be me) add my rules to that?

Main judges (in my opinion):



RobotDeathMinister (Me)

Diotoir the son of nemesis


Backup judges (in case there will be a draw during a three-way melee or a normal judge is busy):





(Sorry, not choosing Mystrsyko as I think he will be busy with his reviews)


Any person that is not a judge or backup judge and votes will get their vote immediately taken off.

Bin candidate picks (in and out) must be the exact equal ratio.

The awards will be: Best Design (Original), Best Design (Artistic), Most Unlucky, Best Overall, SFTW (GTM reference to anyone who knows, aka Worst Overall), Crowd Favorite, Most Fearsome, and Best Rookie.

FBI 4/18/2017

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