It was one day, and I saw Doodle's BattleBots vs. Robot Wars. Then I saw Doodle's full-body spinner Mermaid Mk 4 completely obliterate Badwolf's Spyder's Web off the face of the earth. Quite an achievement, since Spyder's Web had beaten none other than The PM's Pulverizer. Yes, I said it. The loser, Spyder's Web, BEAT THE PM'S PULVERIZER. I was so inspired by this that I wanted to make a full-body spinner. So I told Doodle about it. He made me one, and god I was so damn surprised (sorry for sweary words if anyone's offended). I have to give him credit, he's a good dude. Doodle tested Detrimental and sent the Detrimental .bot file to me. He said it beat most of his creations. Wow, just wow. The only downside (Adam take notes for Series 3, and Series 2.5 too if you are using stats there) is that its armor is aluminum. In turn, a few weeks later I emailed the file to Adam, which was why Detrimental was in the picture on Facebook. I'm gonna make another blog post for seedings. 


FightingBotInformal (F.B.I.) 11/4/2016

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