After Series 4 of Banter Wars I will retire Detrimental and request another machine. That other machine will be called Detrimental's Revenge. It will compete in Series 4.5, Series 5, Series 5.5, and Series 6 of Banter Wars. It will be Mermaid MK4 except some minor improvements by Adam and will be colored black (Detrimental's signature color), I guess. When Detrimental's Revenge will retire after Series 6, I will request yet another machine for Series 6.5, Series 7, Series 7.5, and Series 8 of Banter Wars, it will be called Spawn of Detrimental's Revenge, it will basically be black (again) and will look like a combo between Detrimental and Detrimental's Revenge. After Series 8, I will retire from Banter Wars, and basically say "Good luck guys, carry on without me." Even after I retire Spawn of Detrimental's Revenge along with the Detrimental series of robots and myself, I will still be active on the wiki, no worries.

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