NOTE: This blog will update.

P.S. I was originally considering deleting this but f**k it, I'm gonna update it.

Craaig: Will POSSIBLY enter

090901: Will possibly enter with The Think Tank

FOTEPX: Already entered with Nimbus Force X

WenXiangLee: Already entered with Spikey Monster

RedSawn: Will possibly enter 2.5 with Flying Squirrel

Botomatic1000: Will possibly enter

RobotDeathMinister (ME): Already entered with Detrimental (I'm known on GTM as FightingBotInformal)

Jamied666: Already entered with Dinistrio

Meganerdbomb - Will possibly enter with M.N.B. Hot Chick FS Special

Badnik96 - Will possibly enter with Boomslang?

  • The question mark is because last series Adam made an edit on Boomslang without Badnik96's knowledge (reversed the direction of one of Boomslang's twin flywheels and decreased its battery power by about 1/2) and attracted a HUGE amount of controversy on GTM, it is unsure whether or not Badnik96 will enter Series 3 with Boomslang. (Boto, Adam and I have our fingers crossed on him joining Series 3.)

Thrackerzod/Mike Dawson - Already entered with Carnival Cruncher

Rob Collins/Probably Rob - Already entered with Four

DeadGenocide/Panzer Inversion - Already entered with Plantation 3

DemonOfTomorrow - Already entered with Quantos

TheRoboteer - Already entered with Jericho

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