Ziggy Crust
Participation Information
UK Series 2
Team Chutorial
Robot Statistics
Weapons "Fist", "knife", and pneumatic "nose" spike

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Ziggy Crust is a hexagonal shaped robot armed with two "fists" and a pneumatic spike which acts like the nose of the robot. The robot debuted in Series 2 where it had great success winning its heat in three very quick and destructive battles.

The robot's design is based off of a character by Chutorial.

Robot History Edit

Ziggycrust vs toblerone

Toblerone is knocked out

Its first round battle was against the Team Trash runners up Toblerone. The two robots clash with Toblerone creating a crevasse in Ziggy Crust, however the match was over very quickly with Ziggy Crust causing heavy damage to Toblerone and eventually knocking it out.

Ziggycrust vs follicle challenger

Ziggy Crust smashes it way to victory

In round two it fought The Follicle Challenger. The Follicle Challenger slams into Ziggy Crust and causes heavy damage to the front of the machine. Ziggy Crust pushes The Follicle Challenger across the arena, not once firing its arms but rather using its pneumatic spike to damage The Follicle Challenger. After slamming The Follicle Challenger into arena wall, Ziggy Crust backs away only to start attacking The Follicle Challenger and this time using its hammer weapons causing heavy damage and even lifting the robot up a few times. The Follicle Challenger manages to get underneath Ziggy Crust but fails to overturn it and is soon attacked by Ziggy Crust once more and knocked immobile.

Ziggycrust vs scirex

A quick Heat Final

In the Heat Final it fought Scirex. It starts off with Scirex slamming into Ziggy Crust while alsso sufferering some heavy blows from the three weaponed machine. Scirex almost flips Ziggy Crust over but it self rights and attacks Scirex further and in a matter of seconds knocks Scirex out.

Results Edit

Series 2
Heat Round 1 vs. Toblerone Won
Heat Round 2 vs. The Follicle Challenger Won
Heat Final vs. Scirex Won

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1

Series Record Edit

  • Series 1-1.5:Did not enter
  • Series 2: Grand Final

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